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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1114116133914851352930058114Paul WinterCleveland Thornlands2018/2019B2 Grade7 1Kenmore
296621381485135293003396David GunnCleveland Thornlands2018/2019B2 Grade1 1Western Suburbs
384621381485135293004784David GunnCleveland Thornlands2018/2019B2 Grade4 1Napoleons
478621381485135293008478David GunnCleveland Thornlands2018/2019B2 Grade13 1Springwood Suns
5739844021485135311528673Ethan GravesCleveland Thornlands White2018/2019Division 5 Post Xmas2 1Holland Park Blue
66910458601485135298068769Keegan McCleanCleveland Cougars2018/2019Division 1A Pre Xmas2 1Bulimba Border
767621381485135293003867David GunnCleveland Thornlands2018/2019B2 Grade2 1Kenmore
865621381485135293006265David GunnCleveland Thornlands2018/2019B2 Grade8 1Wellington Point
9599648261485135298068759Thomas MartinCleveland Cougars2018/2019Division 1A Pre Xmas2 1Bulimba Border
105810458601485135298069158*Keegan McCleanCleveland Cougars2018/2019Division 1A Pre Xmas4 1Carina Eagles
115712911831485135299407357Cameron RogersCleveland Maroon2018/2019Under 13 11S Division 3 Pre Xmas3 1Bulimba Fields
12564464501485135293005356Matthew ElliottCleveland Thornlands2018/2019B2 Grade6 2Western Suburbs
1354621381485135293008454*David GunnCleveland Thornlands2018/2019B2 Grade13 2Springwood Suns
14539648261485135298069153*Thomas MartinCleveland Cougars2018/2019Division 1A Pre Xmas4 1Carina Eagles
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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